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A Book Containing 100 Islands

Hello, explorer of uncharted seas! Even though we made the most self-explanatory title possible, there are still many details about our book we want to share, so keep reading!

100 Maps

This book contains 100 Maps of Fantasy Islands that you can use in your tabletop games every time your party's ship reaches new uncharted shores. For your convenience we also include each map in a separate not-watermarked high-res file, so you can print it out or use it on a virtual tabletop platform.

Maps are completely setting agnostic and can be used in all kind of worlds.  No specific scale is given and it can be adapted to suit all your needs: a map could be a small island near the coast or a continent, perhaps an entire world map for your campaign if you wish so.

Maps have unique quirks and special features to keep them interesting and give many ideas to both players and game masters.

100 Crowdsourced Descriptions

The book doesn't only contain graphic references, but also 100 unique descriptions and 300 landmarks. Most of these writings have been created by our amazing Kickstarter backers, some are by ourselves and others by selected authors from the indie TTRPG scene. It's ultimately a book full of ideas!

This island's special feature are three strange beams of energy originating from mysterious pillars on top of three mountains.

A Tool for Writers and Game Masters

Another cool thing about this book is that you can use it to find inspiration for your creative writing. Each island works incredibly well as a writing prompt, wondering what's its history or the nature of its unique quirks. You can do as our backers did and write descriptions and landmarks for the islands that cater your attention.

Each map can be used as a writing prompt, probably even more than once!

A Crowdfunded Project

This project's existence has been made possible solely thanks to our Kickstarter backers, many of which also decided to participate in the crowdsourcing and write the description of many islands.

The project has been funded in 2019 during the Make 100 initiative.

What you get

  • The book containing all the maps, 100 crowdsourced descriptions and 300 landmarks.
  • Standard, low and high resolution versions of the book.
  • 100 high-res un-watermarked images to print or for use on VTT platforms.
  • A lot of ideas and inspiration.

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Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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Download demo

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i would love to pick this up but 25US is just too steep. loving the preview stuff! let me know if you ever put up community copies or anything like that.

Hey, thanks for the interest! Yeah the pricing is a bit steep, but we couldn't price it less than what we asked to our Kickstarter backers. We run sales from time to time though so keep an eye open! :)